Furnace & Heating Repair

Plumber fixing gas furnace using electric and plumbing tools. Plumber in uniform working on gas furnace. Electric and plumbing tools, electric wire.

In the hot summer months Air Conditioning can be a lifesaver. However in the cooler months any of us without heat might actually not make it through the winter.  When you have a problem with your furnace and heating it becomes quickly evident that a repair is needed. No one wants to be freezing in his or her home when there is snow outside and it is minus zero.

Understanding this is such an important service that we offer, we take it very seriously when we get phone calls about broken furnaces.

Cold no more

When you realize there is problem with your furnace and it needs a professional technician to figure out the problem calling us is the best thing you can do. As soon as out technicians get a phone call about a malfunctioning furnace we book an appointment to inspect the furnace in your home as soon as possible.

When we have determined the problem we check for other malfunctions and guarantee everything is running safely. Once our technician has done their job your furnace will be up and running in no time. Your home will be toasty and ready for winter.

Professional repair

The Latin word for furnace is fornax and the meaning of fornax is oven.  This makes sense because when you think of a furnace it is very similar to an oven devised for your house to give off heat in all the rooms.  Like anything in your home that has a specific function, a furnace can be slowed down or not doing its job properly if something is malfunctioning.

When you get your furnace professionally repaired by DC Heating & Air Conditioning we fix the problem so it runs smoothly. We also make sure the other parts of furnace are running smoothly.

Our specialty

At DC Heating & Air Conditioning heating and cooling are what we do best.  The other HVAC companies in Washington DC don’t have the same years of practice in serving this area. We have founded our business by making furnaces, heating, and air-conditioning our specialty.

Our heating and cooling services include all kinds of installations, repairs, and maintenance.  Furnaces are extremely vital because they are the heat of the house in the winter and we know how cold Washington gets in winter.  By calling us and letting us be the ones to repair your furnace you are doing yourself a favor and hiring the best of the industry.

All types

With a strong work ethic, informed, educated and certified technicians, plus years of experience our company’s sophisticated knowledge on furnaces and heating is unmatched.  Being in business for as long we have we have gained insights that a lot of other companies haven’t.

We are well versed in all model types and are extremely familiar with ins and out of Washington homes.  If it is a furnace repair or maintenance we can assist you. When you chose us you are choosing years of work experience and the positive reputation of happy clients that go with those years. With us you will never go cold in winter.


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