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An efficient way in keeping the cool air flowing and the thermal comfort consistent in your home, apartment, or office, is to get your air conditioning unit serviced and/ or a tune up. These are recommended as soon as the season starts and annually.

Once spring hits our technicians are out and about handling plenty of Washington’s air conditioning services and tune-ups. A machine that is working efficiently will keep a consistent temperature and avoid problems down the line.  Experts at this our team doesn’t take long to ensure that everything in your ac is working. This is also a great preventative measure to keep your ac working for a long time.

Energy efficient

When your air conditioning unit runs at its optimal level, the cost of running it is lowered. Without the proper tune-ups and service you may not know that your unit is running a bit off until you get it checked out.

This is because if there is a malfunction the unit may be working harder to try and keep things cool and using more energy. It could be a simple fix. However with the complexities of AC units these days it is important to get them checked out annually. So you don’t waste energy and or your hard earned dollar. Call us.

Air Quality

An air condition unit is shooting out cool air for you to be in your thermal comfort heaven. If the filters on it are nor properly installed or maybe very dirty the air that could be shot back out may not be of the best quality.  This means that you are breathing in poor quality air. A problem like this may go unnoticed even though it will have its impact.

Sometimes people who have malfunctioning ac unit and don’t realize it have a more difficult time with allergies and or their asthma. Getting your AC serviced annually and or a tune-up with DC Heating & Air Conditioning will prevent this.

What happens?

When you phone us to get a tune-up for your AC unit we will ask you a couple questions first. Things like what kind of AC unit do you have? Have you noticed any problems sounds or smells? Then when we get all the technical information we can, we will pair you up with one of our professional technicians who will come to your home to inspect the unit.

Certified, trained, knowledgeable our contractors are well skilled at AC tune-ups.   To reduce the daily damage the tune up will involve a good cleaning of the condenser coils and an assessment of the level of coolant.

Things that will be checked out when we tune up and service your unit

There are many parts to an AC unit that are involved in our service and tune-up. Before anything even malfunctions it is a great idea to get the unit checked out to prevent any problems. Our technician will arrive at your home and investigate the unit. They will lubricate the unit’s bearings and all moving parts. Our technician will calibrate the thermostat so it reads the correct temperature that you set the unit too.

Our contractors will observe volts on the fan motor, while also assessing capacitors and the fan blade.  Our technicians will do many things to ensure that your unit is working to the best of its ability.


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