AC Repair

Two workers on the roof of a building working on the air conditioning unit.

The lack of sleep, the inability to focus, or the constant sweating of an improperly working air conditioner can be a huge pain. When we buy AC units we are investing in ourselves so we can enjoy our time at home and get a break from the heat. When an AC unit is functioning properly it assist in our daily productivity. If you notice anything wrong with your AC unit it is best to give us a call.

Our expertise in AC repair will with your air conditioning unit back up and running so you relax in that icy cool heaven of yours.

Air Conditioner Repair

It’s that time of year again to plug in the AC unit. Once you have it set up and turned it on all of a sudden… nothing is happening. The weather this week is the first hot and humid days of a Washington summer.  Before proceeding any further the first thing you need to do is phone DC Heating & Air Conditioning.

We specialize in diagnostics, repair, and preventative tune-ups for all AC units.  It is an important part of your summer and can have an affect on your health and your breathing.  If you have an AC unit that needs repair we are the ones that can do it for you.

Proper care

When you purchase an AC unit it is an investment for the summers to come. It is an investment for the comfort and health of your home and environment.

When you get an AC unit you want to make sure that if anything happens to it you have the right repair person for the job.  With proper care of your AC unit the system will run more economically and smoothly.  We provide that quality care to your unit when it needs repairs. We ensure that when we fix a unit we are doing it so the system runs at its most efficient level.

Repair and respect

A repairperson coming into your home does not need to tramp all over your clean rug and leave their dirty tool bag on your just dusted counters. Our technicians are well-mannered experts when it comes to any job. For air conditioning repair we make sure that you are comfortable with us being there and barely remember we were there at all once we have left.

We pair our great knowledge and skill with polite manners to get your AC unit up and running.  By showing respect when we work we demonstrate the respect and standard of our company that is here to support us supporting you.

Cool and comfortable

We want you to have the kind of summers where you are cool and comfortable in your home. This is why you first bought an ac unit. When your unit gets a wiring problem or starts dripping too much condensation or is making a rattling noise it is like your cool comfort isn’t going to be as accessible as you would like. When these things occur it is best to get in a professional like us.

We specialize in keeping you cool and comfortable. Air conditioning repairs when needed are done so you are consistently cool and comfortable. With our experience and work ethic we know how to get your machine up and running.


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