AC Installation

Hvac Tech checking a run capacitor on a condenser

A lot of people new to Washington don’t expect the summer months to be as sweltering as they can be and air conditioning isn’t on their radar. When the summer months finally arrive there is an influx of AC units purchased.  Another sleepless night from being too hot or sweating as soon as you step out of the shower can become frustrating.

When it is time to install this AC unit we can be of service to you. DC Heating & Air Conditioning are trained professionals in installing AC units so they work for you at their optimal level

Optimal level

We have all been there.  The heat can make us irritable and cranky.  When you get to the point where you are fed up with the humidity and heat and buying a new AC unit seems like a promising idea.  It is natural to expect the AC to bring an atmosphere the opposite of what you were experiencing before the new purchase.

When you invest in a new air conditioning system you want to have it function the way it promises.  For the best results getting a professional to install your AC unit is the smart thing to do. Our AC contractors know exactly how to get your unit operating at its optimal level.

Quick install

Rather then spending a day figuring out how your AC unit might work and might fit best into your home you will save time and energy by getting our professionals to assist you. Air Conditioning systems are complicated and to run efficiently it is best to have them installed properly.

Our contractors are educated and experienced in all the kinds of AC units that are out there. They know how to ensure that you get the best of your unit.  When they arrive at your home they inspect it and the unit so the installation can be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Cost Effective

An AC unit is an investment of you financial earnings. This investment is going towards bettering your home experience. It is a favor to yourself and an asset in your thermal comfort.  However the monthly bills an AC unit can stack up are sometimes inconvenient.

A way to secure lower monthly bills when your AC unit is running is guarantee that the unit is running properly. Investing in proper installation from a professional like the team that we have here is one of the best ways you can promise yourself lower monthly bills by still staying cool.

A better installation means better health

Buying ourselves an AC is already a step in the right direction for a healthier future. Air conditioning helps us sleep better, stay calmer, not get too dehydrated and helps us face our everyday lives when the weather is a little too hot for our liking. When an air conditioning unit is properly installed it will run more efficiently. This as mentioned above is good for your wallet. However it is also good for your health.

Our professionals will guarantee that the air quality of the AC unit is up to par when we complete an installation.  When you get a professional to help you, you save time and you invest in your wallet and in your health.



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