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Everyone loves those hot summer months. The longer daylight hours, the warmer weather, playing outdoor sports, and going to the beach. We even become more social hanging out on the patio and hosting BBQ dinners.

As that is the case for all the fun things, the overbearing heat can be pretty hard on your productivity. You end up sleeping less and it becomes difficult to focus. The winter months are the opposite. All you want is to be inside and get a relief from the freezing outdoors. That is where we come in. DC HVAC, Heating and Air Conditioning can you get through any season.


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    About Us

    We aren’t an overly huge hvac service company, but we aren’t just starting out either. We are skilled HVAC contractors and have been serving the Washington DC area doing HVAC repair, AC repair, and HVAC installation & inspection work for years as well as providing emergency services.

    We built this company with a Washington DC work ethic and good mannered customer service that deservers raving reviews. We have a trusted following that continues to grow and we are committed to keeping cool in the summer and toasty in the winter.

    Learn More About Us

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    Hvac Tech checking a run capacitor on a condenser

    The work that we put into our business shows itself most in the work we do for you. With a range of specialties our company likes to make sure that you are comfortable with your DC heating and cooling in your home or office during those extreme weather days.

    There any many hvac companies in DC area, but we are like no other HVAC Washington DC company... We can do it all. We have mastered heating and air conditioning repair, service and HVAC installation.

    HVAC Repair and Maintenance
    Washington DC AC Repair
    Air Conditioning Service

    HVAC Repair and Maintenance

    Heating ventilation and air conditioning repair and maintenance is a great thing to be caught up on before the seasons switch.  A good contractor will help you keep up your ventilation system so you don’t have too many costly repairs or replacements. Our team is great at guiding people through these situations.

    AC Repair

    Forecast for this weekend is three blistering hot days and your AC unit conks out on you. You’ve got work to catch up on need to be indoors on you computer for the whole long weekend.

    Feels like it could make for a nightmarish scenario, doesn’t it? However our air conditioning repair contractors provide reliable and dependable service that will make you happy you called us. We don’t want anyone stuck with a malfunctioning AC unit and we are very good at what we do.

    AC Service & Tune -Up

    Want a good consumer tip to prevent repairs on your AC unit?  Get it serviced with a tune up before the season begins. If you stick to doing this routinely every time you pull the unit out of storage you will be saving yourself a lot of hassle and worry.

    We provide this service and we have perfected it. Our contractor comes to your home to check out the unit and do whatever they can so the unit runs to the best of its ability.

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    DC Heating & Air Conditioning - AC Service & Tune-Up 1
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    AC Installation
    Furnace & Heating Repair
    Commercial HVAC Services

    AC Installation

    Has another sweltering Wednesday been the last straw? Was it the humidity or the sweating that finally converted you to purchase the cooling power of a nice air conditioning unit?

    Either way you won’t regret the decision.  Installing a unit can become a bit of a headache but lucky for you, along with all the other AC specialties we have air condition installation is another one of those things we have perfected.

    Furnace & Heating Repair

    We can help keep you cool in the summer and we can also make sure you stay toasty and warm during those chillier months.  In the middle of winter if your furnace is acting up it is best to get it seen to right away.

    Problems that can come with a cold household are too numerous to begin and thankfully for you we are well skilled in furnace and heating repair.

    Commercial HVAC Repair & Installation

    When it comes to your larger commercial HVAC systems in Washington DC our contractors are very familiar the ins and outs of their operations. Formerly trained and certified under several safety authorities, our technicians are the ones that many commercial businesses hire for all their HVAC needs.

    Trusted as timely, professional, and efficient the team at DC Heating and Air Conditioning makes sure that everyone is satisfied with their HVAC system.

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    Contact Us Today

    Business is people and always will be people. We never lose site of that at our company. No matter what your question we strongly encourage you to reach out and contact us. If you are client or a potential client a phone call from you will do nothing but brighten our day.

    When you phone us you will reach one of our trained professionals that will be able to personalize all the information we have about AC, and HVAC in the Washington area. So don’t wait! Call us now or learn more about our company here.

    There are times when we might be too busy to handle more work and wait times are just too long. It's no secret that there are other hvac companies in Washington DC who can help you, like Magnolia Plumbing and McMurray Heating and Cooling DC.

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    Fort Mcmurray Plumber

    “I had just gotten this used air conditioning unit from my brother who had bought a new one. He said it had worked great all last summer. I brought it to my house and had no idea what do with it. Thankfully for the Internet all it took was a search for ac repair dc and they came up. They were there that day to do a tune up and service and help me install it. That evening I cooked dinner inside in the kitchen and didn’t even break a sweat.” Bill K.

    “I had no idea what HVAC stood for until I experienced one of Washington’s summers. Heating and cooling services- I get it now. My apt was tiny and I needed a break from the heat. I bought a unit but it wasn’t working so I got the HVAC installation guy to come over and he had it going in about five minutes.” Jodie M.

    “Great guys. Been going to them for years. If they weren’t my go to crew I wouldn’t have the café that I do. These big windows let all the heat out, but they got it going great so it is nice cozy even in January.”
    Leticia S.